4th Axis STAND ALONE Programmable Controller


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The STAND ALONE Programmable Controller can be used to control your 4th axis, etc… but was developed to get the most out of our CNC ER40 Indexer Rotary Table and it is NOT LIMITED to these Applications! It is a 48V X .2A to 5A Controller, with all the STAND ALONE Programmable Controller Abilities you could ever want from a Controller at this price! Use it to control a wide variety of Applications you may have! Check out the Manual to see what it can all do for you!

This is a Powerful, Programmable and Complete STAND ALONE Programmable Controller! Just plug it in, Select or Program the functions you need, and you’re ready to Go! You don’t need a Computer or a Degree of any kind to program this unit. You don’t even need to understand any type of CODE. Every command is repeated on every line… you just toggle to pick the one you want in sequence, and if the need be… you can edit to suit your needs. The manual explains it all!

Here are Some Highlights for the STAND ALONE Programmable Controller:

– 48V and Selectable .2A to 5A

– Super Easy to Program! No knowledge of any type of Code is required.

– 20×4 alphanumeric LCD display.

– Has an easy to keep clean full function Keypad.

– Three “Opto Isolated Pulse Inputs” for External Signals.

– Separate Emergency input terminal.

– 2 LEDs for easy analysis of activity.

– 4 general purpose Output Signals for driving External Relays or Daisy Chaining more than one Controller.

– Configurable Gear-Ratio and Micro Step Setting.

– Gear Ratio from 1 to 999.9, in 0.1 increments.

– Adjustable motor maximum speed.

– Smooth linear acceleration ramping.

– Manual Jogging with adjustable speed.

– Divide Circle in set Numbers or Degrees.

– Terminal for connection to external potentiometer.

– Next Move or Start/Stop VIA “External Pulse Input” or “Keypad Button”.

– Continuous move at set speed of your choosing.

– Programmable sequence of up to 170 instructions.

– Program Mode Looping.

– See the Manual for Much More…

In the box:

(1) Stand Alone Programmable Controller

(1) Removable Power Cable

(1) DB9 6′ Drive Cable

(1) External DB25 Control Box.

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