CNC ER40 Indexer Rotary Table

(No Collets are Included)
ER40 CNC Rotary Table/IndexerER40-Rotary-Table-Indexer-with-Included-AccessoriesER40-Rotary-Table-Indexer-Plug-Side 
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NO MORE  LIMITED and COMPLICATED Indexing Operations or Synchronized Rotations using a “Manual Indexing Head” or “Manual Rotary Table”

– Can be mounted/used in a Vertical or Horizontal position.

– “0” Indexing Backlash!

– Has a 1.172″ Diameter Thru Hole. That is huge for this size of Indexer/Rotary Table!

– Has a “Very Handy” standard 1 1/4″-12 UNF Internal thread on the back end of the ER40 spindle to accommodate a STOP of your choosing for continued repeatable length/position control of your parts, a spider attachment, or whatever you would like to add to this threaded end.

– This CNC ER40 Indexer/Rotary Table can use any collet from ER8 (smallest) to ER50 (largest) using an ER straight shank Chuck.

– It can Accurately Index divisions that could not be indexed using a “Manual Indexing Head” or “Manual Rotary Table”

– Can also be programmed to easily index Splines, Gears, etc… of pretty much any type, including synchronized rotation for helical milling, etc.

– Wired to plug straight in the famous “Gecko G540” 4 axis driver or our listed STAND ALONE Programmable Controller.

– The ER40 collet system is a superior collet system for its “unrestricted diameter range and full collet clamping ability” (standard ER40 diameter range from .094″ to 1.024″).

– Also available on eBay, etc… oversize ER40 collets from 26mm (1.024″) up to a 32mm (1.260″) diameter.

– You can also use our Optional 5″ Drive Plate System that can be screwed onto the ER40 nose to drive or hold whatever you want…  E.g. adding a larger drive/indexing plate, or modify it to suit your unique application, etc…

The CNC ER40 Indexer Rotary Table was developed to get the most out of the STAND ALONE Programmable Controller that we also sell. It is also wired to plug “directly in” the very popular Gecko G540 4 Axis Controller, or mated to any other suitable controller or drive of your choosing. The CNC ER40 Indexer/Rotary Table is powered by a Nema 34 stepper motor that is rated at 665 Oz.In., 54V and 3.9A max, the ratio is 6:1 = 6 x 665 = 3990 Oz.In at the ER40 Spindle!!! That’s impressive for this CNC ER40 Indexer/Rotary Table’s Fast Speed and Size and considering that there is nothing like it out there. We chose the ER40 collet spindle for the Indexer/Rotary Table because it is a Superior Collet System over others for many reasons.

Here are some of the most important points:

– The ER collets can clamp “ANY” shaft diameter “EVENLY” over their full contact length and clamp range.

– The ER collets “Overlap” all shaft diameters in their diameter range, so no shaft diameters are left out.

5C collets and many others… can only clamp at the collet tip. Therefore they have “Accuracy” and “Rigidity” issues when not clamping “Exact Diameters” they were/are designed for. This type of collet design system extremely limits the shaft diameters they can clamp.

– In our opinion… the ER Collet System is probably the most “Versatile”, “Affordable”, and “Popular” collet system to date.

In the box:

(1) CNC ER40 Indexer/Rotary Table

(1) DB9 6′ Drive Cable

(2) ER40 Nose Wrenches

(2) FREE – Clamp Set

(No Collets Included)

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