Floating Engraving Tool Samples

F.E.T. is the Ultimate Floating Engraving Tool!

Everything from Artistic Images to Manufacture Information can be engraved in any type of materials that can be engraved using this Floating Engraving Tool.

F.E.T. overcomes the usual problems of “Tool Wear” and “Job Height Variations”. It allows you to do things that would otherwise be VERY difficult using a Solidly Mounted Engraving Tool.

The Following are a few examples of various engraved parts.

Engraving now made easy!

Beautiful Diamond Drag Engraving on a Stainless Steel Plate by Don van Groenendaal. Click the image to get the full image!

Engraving Tool
Artistic Drag Engraving on Glass
Engraving Tool at work
Power Engraving an Anodized Aluminum Tube
Engraving Results
An Uneven Surface Engraved
Engraving PCB Board
PCB Boards – Using F.E.T. makes this job easy.
Spring Loaded Engraving Tool
F.E.T. makes Engraving plastics a breeze
CNC Engraving a Steel Plate
Engraving a bent Steel Plate
CNC Burnishing spring engraving tool
Micro Grain Carbide Engraving Tool Burnishing a HARDENED Steel Block
Engraving in plastic
Engraving a Lady Bug